Sitronics Electro

Connect your charging station to the Sitronics Electro network

We will help attract more drivers to the charging station
and take care of all technical issues

We make your charging station always work and bring money

Station control via
the Sitronics Electro app

24/7 user


Ensuring the smooth operation
of the charging station

Our engineers perform maintenance and respond to emergency calls

Station monetization

We connect the payment system and every month we transfer you a share of the station revenue

High-quality charging service positively affects
the image of your facility

Often a facility administration forgets about the existence of the charging station immediately after its installation.
This leads to reputational risks.
We decorate the charging space, maintain and update the stations.
Together this provides a high level of service and increases loyalty to your facility.

A charging station owner receives payments for the charging service

We transfer a share of the station revenue to a property owner

The driver finds a charging station via the Sitronics Electro app

Sitronics Electro provides charging service and receive payments

We support and develop the app, monitor the performance of the equipment, advise drivers

How it works

Sets up charging conditions, pays for the charging service, contacts support
if necessary

We connect charging stations
to the management system

Possibilities of charging station with Sitronics Electro technologies
Possibilities of conventional charging stations
Uploading statistics and reports
User base management
Tariff management
Condition monitoring
Transaction management
Remote control
Turn on a station by button
Turn off a station by button
зарядная станция для электромобилей работает по протоколу OCPP

We make the charging process comfortable for the drivers

Scan the QR code
to download the app
average rating
• Search for free stations
• Charging progress management
• Payment for the charging
• Accrual of bonuses
• Charging history
• Support 24/7
Fill out the form and our specialist will contact you during business hours. Or you can contact us directly by phone or email.
Alexey Gavrilov
Partners Development Manager

+7 (495) 739-79-78
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