Sitronics Electro

Charging infrastructure
for corporate EV parks

Comprehensive offer for companies:
  • Discounts on charging in the city
  • Creation of own infrastructure on your territory
корпоративный парк электромобилей заряжает батарею

We will create a dedicated charging infrastructure on your territory

We prepare a project of deploying a charging infrastructure based on the size of the fleet and required capacities
We install charging stations and set up work according to specified scenarios
We connect charging stations to the software for remote control and performance monitoring


Construction, commissioning

Software integration

For all types of electric transport


Commercial transport

Passenger transport

We provide a charging station management system

We connect the charging station to the software. With the software you can:
  • Monitor the progress of charging sessions
  • Monitor station load in real time
  • Download payment and consumption reports

We allocate a special tariff for charging in the city

Charge a company's electric vehicles at the public charging stations of the Sitronics Electro network.
  1. We connect your drivers to the app
  2. Drivers charge at the charging stations
  3. Payment for the charging service occurs monthly
служебный электромобиль заряжается в городе
Location of charging stations in Moscow

No need to keep a card and collect checks

To download, scan the QR code
average rating
• Free stations search
• Charging progress management
• Charging history
• Support 24/7
The driver controls the charging session via a mobile app. This eliminates the possibility of fraud with checks.
The call center provides user support

We provide support 24/7

We care about drivers

Engineers carry out routine
and service maintenance

We take care of the equipment

служба поддержки зарядки электромобилей

Completed projects

Opening and launch of a network of fast charging stations for electric vans route. Charging stations are located on the route Airport - Park of Culture.

Infrastructure for the route of electric vans in Nizhny Novgorod

An electric bus park with 34 charging stations with a capacity of 300 kW allows the charging of more than 200 electric buses simultaneously in the dynamic power distribution mode.

Charging system for electric buses in New Moscow

Design and implementation of a pilot project. The station allows you to charge an electric bus up to 80% in 20 minutes.

Ultra-rapid charging station for electric buses in Sochi

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