Sitronics Electro

About Sitronics Electro

Sitronics Electro (one of the business units of Sitronics Group) is a Russian charging infrastructure operator.

The operator builds a network of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the CIS countries and also develops a mobile app for drivers and software for charging station management.

We build charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Charging stations installation

Support the drivers

We maintain all the equipment

We develop software for charging stations

We carry out maintenance and settle all issues with the charging station. We control all the processes remotely.
We help drivers if they have any issues using Sitronics Electro charging stations.
We create public places for charging and also implement electric charging projects for businesses and authorities.
We have deep expertise in charging point protocols and software development. We develop a mobile app for the drivers and a charging station monitoring and management system for equipment holders.
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Completed projects

Opening and launch of a network of fast charging stations for electric vans route. Charging stations are located on the route Airport - Park of Culture.

Infrastructure for the route of electric vans in Nizhny Novgorod

An electric bus park with 34 charging stations with a capacity of 300 kW allows the charging of more than 200 electric buses simultaneously in the dynamic power distribution mode.

Charging system for electric buses in New Moscow

Design and implementation of a pilot project. The station allows you to charge an electric bus up to 80% in 20 minutes.

Ultra-rapid charging station for electric buses in Sochi